Let me see, where should I start?  Let’s try this.  I’m Lisa Adcock and I work as a tech planning specialist in the Information Technology (IT) Mobility department at a major auto manufacturer.  That’s my “real” job and then I get to come home to my husband and son and play with yarn!  I either am knitting one, or two, or maybe three things or I’m dyeing yarn.

My online presence is in three places:

  1. Ravelry.com as “mom2bsa” where I have published designs for hats, socks, and cowls.
  2. Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/splashofcoloryarns
  3. This website where I’ll be talking about the yarn I’ve been dyeing, techniques I’m learning and using as well as announcing new colorways and promotions.

Recently, my husband asked if I was ok. I said “Sure, why?”  He responded, “You haven’t dyed any yarn today!”

The main reason I first started dyeing yarn is that my husband asked for a pair of fingerless mitts made in camouflage yarn.  I wasn’t able to find camouflage yarn in superwash merino wool that I liked.  I started watching YouTube videos to learn how to dye yarn.  My first experience was with a cake of yarn and Easter egg dye pellets.  Once I saw the dye start to bubble out of the center of the yarn and color it, I knew I was HOOKED!