Do you have your Fenceline Cowl yet?

On of my most popular and easy knitting patterns on Ravelry is my Fenceline Cowl. It’s a very simple cowl and has lots of possible modifications.

This simple cowl has lots of rows and ridges that define the drapey cowl which flares out at the bottom adding to the fullness of the cowl as it drapes down in front. The cowl is easily customizable in the following ways:

Wider – add stitches in increments of 8
Shorter or Taller – use less or more yarn
Straight sides – eliminate the increase row that creates the flare
Alternate sections of solid yarn and a speckled or variegated yarn

In Michigan, our usual spring consists of warm and cold days. This means you sometimes need a little something around your neck as you are hopefully moving about on walks, playing with your kids, enjoying nature or whatever your pleasure is.  If you’re looking for a quick, simple cowl pattern, checkout my new Fenceline Cowl kits now available in my Etsy store

Each kit contains a printed, color copy of my popular Ravelry pattern as well as one skein of fingering yarn which stripes when knit into the cowl! You can choose from two different yarn bases – a 2-ply twist or a 4-ply smooth base. Each skein is a generous 463 yards of 75% Superwash Merino wool and 25% nylon. 

Colors currently listed in the store are:

If you order a kit and know your Ravelry user name, I can add an electronic copy of the pattern to your library, if you ever need to make another copy for let’s say, the time when your dog eats the pattern or maybe you spill something on your copy.

I would love to see your finished projects or even works in progress! You can post them to my Facebook page.